Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li DVD Release Party

This week we got to attend the Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li DVD release party put on by Capcom and I Am 8-Bit. Held at the Mountain Bar in Chinatown of Los Angeles, the open bar, free food and public welcomed event saw a fairly nice turn out. Now, it was no Street Fighter IV game release party, but fans still came to show their support for the series.


The event was a very low key evening with four Chun Li's, including myself, interacting with the fans. We escorted them to our picture booth, gave them free t-shirts, did interviews and took tons of pictures! Even though the event was to support the movie, Capcom also threw a tournament where 16 pre-qualified players showed up to battle it out for $2,000. The grand prize went to Mike Ross using E. Honda.  I was hoping to snag a copy of the movie, but I didn't see anyone passing them out.

As fun as the night was, since the event was open bar, we ladies had to deal with a few drunkies too. It's cool though cause you can't mess with the Chun Li's yo! We met a guy who said it was his birthday in two days...wait, no it was two days it's in two months?! Another guy spilled Guinness all over my shoes and now I have to get new ones. He was really nice and felt really bad though, at least it wasn't he dress! Phew! Then another guy said he could take his pants off now and cos play as Zangief. I told him to drop 'em but he, of course, politely said no. Not so tough now are ya buddy? The last guy of the night was taking pictures with two of us and demanded we kiss him on the cheek because we were "getting paid to be there," to which our other Chun Li replied, "they aren't paying us that much" while I glared. Take that boys! Hiiya!

Overall it was a fantastic event. It's ALWAYS a pleasure working with I Am 8-Bit and hope to bring you more events with them in the future! You can look for The Legend of Chun Li June 30th.