Capcom Pre-E3 Preview

We got to check out Capcom's pre-E3 line-up with Dark Void being one of their highlights. Dark Void is a sci-fi adventure that follows the journey of a cargo pilot, Will. They are not telling us where in time the game takes place, just that it's not in present day. Will ends up crash landing in the Bermuda Triangle where he runs into other survivors who have all ended up there somehow. The idea was to have places like the Bermuda Triangle and other mysterious places around Earth all lead to this "Void."  Of course the void is much easier to get into than it is getting out of, and we aren't even sure if we are still in Earth. Along in his travels, Will meets a gentleman by the name of Nikola Tesla who builds him a jetback, any sort of gear and all the crazy gadgets Will needs to escape. As the journey progresses, the world becomes more uncanny and alien which leads Will to understand that he is not on Earth anymore, but must find a way back to save it.

During our demo, we started off in aerial combat with our jet-pack. Now, I was in inverted mode which I HATE, not knowing it could be easily changed. I could have sworn I was told you had to fly inverted. Either way, flying proved to be very challenging. I was the first to die, yet, the first to finish the aerial combat before my friends. I felt cool. First, I had to knock out six turret guns and incoming Watchers, the main enemies, before I could safely land at my objective. While flying you could speed up, break/slow, in little spurts, and hover for a safer landing on foot. Once landing, we were plunged into a 3rd person shooter view with the familiar Gears of War cover system. I was fighting what seemed to be very strong andaccurate firing robots. I honestly felt like I was in cover but still managed to get hit if even my arm was exposed. Once I defeated the minions, I was faced with a mini bossed that looked like Matrix movie sentinel. He was toughalso, but I killed him giving it the old college try.

I had a great time playing the demo although I, as well as my associates, endured a bit of motion sickness from the flight level. With itsintriguing storyline and combination battle styles, it's definitely a game you should experience.

Look for it on PC, XBox 360 and PS3. Rating and release date are still pending.