Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

I got to check out D3 Publishing's 3rd person shooter, Eat Lead:The Return of Matt Hazard, last week and I have to say that what I saw was pretty exciting. The story follows Matt Hazard, an 80's superstar of the gaming world evolving on every platform, who has a slew of bad titles released in the darker times of his career. He's then given the chance to redeem himself and prove he is the king of shooters when his publishing company, Marathon Megasoft, gets a new owner Wallace "Wally" Wellesley, voiced by Neil Patrick Harris. Now it took me a second to understand what all this meant but, pretend Mario knew he was real. After his game is shut off, he goes and has dinner with his brother Luigi, stuff we don't see, but it's because he's off duty by this point.

While Matt Hazard, voiced by Will Arnett (30 Rock and Arrested Development), is trying to prove himself, what he doesn't realize is that his "comeback" is actually a set up by Wally who wants to see Hazard dead. Hazard has a mysterious "QA" that helps him along his way while he fights zombies, Russians, space cowboys and more in their original 8-bit to next-gen form. Also helping him are some of his friends, Captain Carpenter, dressed in blue overalls, a bushy beard, hat with a "C" on it and Master Chef, who gives the gift of Master Shield.


The smallest details of the walkthrough were great as well. For example, when fighting a zombie, you must shoot them in the head. When using your super soaker gun, you have to pump it for more "ammo," in this case water. Even the boss battles are clever and creative but I don't want too give much away. I was informed that the entire game has surprises and parodies our favorite genres and cliches.

 The story is written by 2008's winner of the Writers Guild Awards, David Ellis. Ellis was also the writer for Dead Head Fred and is a true gamer at heart. Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard will release this March for the Xbox 360 and the PLAYSTATION 3. I can't wait!

Check out the trailer here!